Tuesday, January 27, 2009

To Sell or Not to Sell, That is the Question!!

As my close friends know, starting this blog was difficult for me. I have known people who had them and never really "got it" and although I most of my family lives far away, it just didn't seem like the kind of thing that they would be intereseted in. And then I started putting all the (business) pieces together - how blogging about yourself gets others to blog about you and .... eventually your search engine rating gets raised. So, I looked around at different etsy team member blogs and thought, "well, this might not be so bad!" :)

The first blog entry was the hardest. Getting myself started... UG! How much do I tell about myself - am I telling too much or not enough?!?!? And then a couple of promotions organized by one of my etsy teams (etsybaby) came up and I thought this would be an easy thing to write about. And just as I started getting into the grove (my goal was to write once a week).....

more and more information started coming out about the ramifications of CPSIA (http://www.cpsc.gov/about/cpsia/cpsia.html). And at first I kept thinking that it will all get changed for sure. This had to be a joke! No one in their right mind would allow this to happen to so many small businesses! So, I waited and started reading up, and waited, and did more reading, and waited some more, and started reading about people starting to test to be compliant, and kept waiting, and read more about getting MSDS (is that right?!?!?) sheets to prove the lack of lead, and I kept on waiting....

you could say that I am still waiting ;) I've had a few sleepless nights, I've started becoming more active in the fight against it and I've really started thinking: What am I going to do??

I just start to think that I have it all worked out (at least until August when the law gets worse) and then I get more and more confused. So.... for those of you who might actually read this, bear with me!! I still have absolutely no idea what I am doing :)

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