Sunday, March 1, 2009

Meet Lizzy and Jo! These two darlings are made by an etsy baby team member and a friend ImogensGarden ( and they are simply precious!!!
One evening on the etsy thread, I saw a post from ImogensGarden and it was asking for ideas for names. So, on a whim, I sent her a convo offering my nickname "Liz" and my middle name "Jo" thinking that neither of them sounded very good for a wooden doll.
I'm now so glad I sent the message because look and these sweet little girls :) The one in the blue is Lizzy and the one in the red is Jo. And it's so fun to see them so close together because my hubby calls me that (Lizzy Jo that is!) The other part that I love is that each of them is carrying a daisy (and my shop is Daisy Creek)!
So, go by and dance around in the garden, Imogens Garden, that is!!


OliveStreetStudio said...

Adorable dolls. My niece is Daisy - I may have to get her a little one for her birthday. Thanks for the link. :-)

kristi said...

Love them!

I just tagged you in a meme.
Come play...

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