Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Give Up! I Need Help!

Ok, so I have officially given up! I have been trying for MONTHS to come up with a store/shop name that I like that will be strickly items from Daisy Creek Designs that are ready to go - ready to ship - discounted - call it what you will... items that I've made for craft shows and are still around. They must go! And I need a shop just for them - it's too hard for my brain to keep it all together anymore and I NEED YOUR HELP!!!

I'm heading to Europe on the 19th to see my dad and need my shop up and going before I leave, so I decided to have a contest to come up with a name. I'd like, if possible, for it reflect the "mother store" Daisy Creek Designs, I'd like for it to reflect that the items are finished/discounted/ready to go and I'd also like for the name to be fun - a play on words maybe.

Possible names can be submitted to me by leaving a comment to this post. You must have these to me by Friday night (June 12th) at midnight pst. I will then post the top 5 that I like the best here, in a new post on this blog. Voting will go until Monday night (June 15th) at midnight pst and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, June 16th.

The best part?!?! The winner will recieve a FREE rhinestone tee - infant, child or adult - any style, color, size with any design...

Up for the challenge!??!?! I hope you are! I can't wait to hear what you come up with!!!


ButterflyGem said...

Hey you i would call it
Ready2wear Daisy Creek Designs :)
it reflects that these re customs redy to go! And still refelcts you and your work and your shop!

my intial thought being that i am redneck was "Up the Creek with No Return" ROFL i am guessing that may not work hahahahaaa

huge hugs

ericadaley said...

Daisy Creek Discounts
Daisy Creek Deals
Last Chance at Daisy Creek
Daisy Creek Steals

rozzissweetpeas said...

Daisy Creek OVERFLOW

have a great trip...hugs rozzi

Babbidge Patch said...

Hi how fun!
how about
Daisy Creek red-ee-tuh-wair

a play off ButterflyGems suggestion - (ready to wear)!

Good luck and have a great trip!

TiLT said...

I like the Daisy Creek Overflow - very cute

Emma Lee's Boutique said...

1. Daisy Creek Bargains

2. Daisy Brook Bargains
(A creek is smaller then a stream, but bigger then a brook)

3. Daisy Creek Bargain Retreat

4. Daisy Creek Harbor

Wow this is harder then I thought. LOL Good Luck! :0)

~Derinda @ ELB

kristi said...

oh my. how funny is alicia?
daisy creek, part deux.
I'll think on it tonight...

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