Sunday, August 9, 2009

Six by Six for "All Me Monday!"

So I've told you before... I'm WAY behind on all the things I had wanted to blog about as evidenced by the date on the link I'm going to give you!!
I had been tagged by my friend over at zuzu girl handmade in a game "six by six" which is supposed to be the sixth picture in the sixth album in your photo library - hense the name! Click here to see her "six by six"!

So... here it is... my sixth photo in my sixth photo album that is on my computer right now!!
Aren't these fishy cupcakes the cutest things that y(ou've ever seen??? One of the AMAZING moms (and I was so blessed because they were all amazing!!) I had in my kindergarten class last year offered to make the cupcakes for Paige's mermaid birthday party this June - and to think that she does this as a hobby!! They were incredible and tasted just as fantastic as they look!

Now here are a few other birthday pictures that I just had to add... well, just because!

When I started planning this mermaid party at little miss's dance studio, I knew that I wanted it to feel like the kids were underwater. And just about then was when I spotted some darling fish at Pottery Barn Kids. As amazing as they were, the price wasn't something I wanted to splurge on for a birthday party (3/$60) so I set out to make my own. With some paper lanterns from the dollar store and left over tulle from tutus I had made and some felt, this is what we got! Each one was a different color combination and they were perfect for the party (even though they did look a bit like piggies)!!

I also did a happy birthday banner that matched the colors of the party - you'd be proud of me, Kristi :) I used brads in the corners of each letter card and strung a piece of ribbon through the whole set. I think next time I might have ribbon on each one and tie them together... we'll see!

Not wanting to do the traditional party bags, mostly because I wanted to try to make a starfish mermaid wand, but also because it was summer vacation and I had all the time in the world... right?!?!? Well, not really, but I did enjoy doing these! I made the starfish part from colored felt and hand embroidered glass beads to them, added the tulle and wrapped the ribbon around the dowel (MUCH harder than it looks, by the way!) and voila! Here they are! I also drew the mermiad onto a plate pattern from a Make A Plate kit I got at a kindergarten conference and had all the kids from the party sign it. I can't wait to send it in and get the actual plate!!

Maybe it's the teacher in me, but I always feel better when there's a great project to do! So... (in my spare time!! - Nicole, you'll get a giggle out of this one!) I went out and bought a Yudu personal screen printing machine and printed the mermaid design onto a t-shirt for each party goer. They turned out GREAT! I put out some small cupcake tins with fabric paint in each section, laid out some paint brushes and let them decorate away! They turned out so cute!

The party was a huge success and now there are so many more things I'm going to add to my shop... when I find some "extra" time - is that even possible?!?!

THANKS KRISTI, for tagging me! I had such fun :) Now to tag the next 6 bloggers!!! Here they are in no particular order:

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I can't wait to see what their "six by six" is :)

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