Friday, December 25, 2009

Is Christmas Really Over?

Is it really?? I actually can't believe it... really, I can't!
It all started with the tree. You see, we normally go out "hunting for a tree" as my daughter calls it. We load up with snacks, drinks and the chain saw and go searching in the mountains about an hour away from home. But this year, we thought, let's see if we can find one on a lot. And we did. The most perfect tree that we've ever had - tall, thin and just the right fullness for our ornaments to hang. What made it even more perfect was it took us less than 5 minutes to find it, pay for it and load it in the truck.
We got it home... put it in the right place... PERFECT! We got out the lights the next evening and I started to put them on the tree - tip: if you hate the lights moving as much as I do, use ornament hooks as twisty ties to keep the lights where you want them to stay...
Anyway... this is about where it all gets not so perfect :) The tree stayed 1/3rd lit for about 2 weeks - yes, I'm embarrassed to say it, the tree stayed that way until my Christmas break. About a day into break, I was able to get the tree lit, ornaments on and decorations out - it was great! I realized why I like the holidays so much - everything is so festive :)
And then, after finishing up the remaining few orders for Christmas (in between taking care of the little one who was sick and then myself once she got a bit better) I was finally able to get the gifts wrapped... on Christmas Eve. Crazy.
What's even crazier?? Is that it's already over!!
It was so great seeing the reaction to Santa on our sweet little girl's face. Especially when she said to us, "Santa is so smart!" because he knew exactly what she had asked for (3 Muskateers Barbie and Santa Buddies movie - which didn't seem unreasonable to me!).
So... in the aftermath of Christmas, I will be spending the remainder of my time on vacation going through all her clothes and toys to see what we will keep and what will be donated. But, it was worth it - family and friends and the magic of Christmas!!
Oh.... and did I tell you?? I'll also be making our holiday card, ordering a book from Shutterfly for my dad and making some jewelry for my sisters who all live in Norway (and who I'm hoping won't mind that their gifts are a bit late!!).
And my plan after that?? Rest a bit, re-organize a bit and get geared up for a new year!!

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rozzissweetpeas said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas... your pic is adorable. Wishing you the Best 2010...rozzi

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