Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kelly Anderson Photography

With all the incredible designers on Etsy, you can imagine how thrilled I was when I got a convo from a darling lady name Kelly. She had paid me the most wonderful compliment by wanting to photograph some of my tees and when she wrote "would you be interested?", I actually said "Ummm.. Yeah!" out loud!

She takes such colorful, sweet and thoughtful photographs and has the cutest models ever!! You can see her photography site HERE, her design site HERE and her blog HERE.

I was so excited to see her first blog post in her Designer Spotlight Series featuring some of the pictures that she took with the Preschool Rocks tee that I had sent her.

There are some more pictures in the works and I have to say, I am giddy with excitement!


1 comment:

crochele said...

Wow! She is GOOD! What a compliment to you as well! Her pictures are so sweet and your items are adorable, too! Good luck :~). I'm a new follower!!!


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