Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One Of My Favorites... zuzu girl handmade

Kristi, the magician behind zuzu girl, was probably one of the first friends that I made on Etsy. I had joined the EtsyMoms team and noticed her banner and avatar right away. They were fresh and fun and after checking out her shop, I thought to myself - WOW! This lady is talented!! Lucky for me, she is just as sweet and we quickly started "talking" in the threads.

A while back, I had listed my first Paint It Yourself tee and Kristi commented on how much she liked it. Hoping to get some good feedback from someone whose opinion I trusted and valued, I quickly sent one to her for her daughter Zuzu to enjoy. (see blog post here: ) The best part about it all was that she was sweet enough to send me a little somethin' somethin' in return.

Now, I know - it's been forever since she sent these darling goodies to me and I have not one good excuse for it taking me so long to post this. All I can say is that my darling, little girl (part dinosaur lover, part princess) LOVES this headband and pony holders!! She asks for them everyday! Everytime anyone sees her wearing them, she always gets compliments. Which then prompts her to want to wear them more! But that's ok :) I'd love to be able to send some sales her way!

SO.... if you love what she sent Paige, you HAVE to check out her shop! She has absolutely adorable accessories (say that 5 times fast!), an amazing eye for colors and an incredible attention to detail. You will not be disappointed!!



kristi said...

You are far too kind. I'm so happy that Paige adored her goodies! Hugs...

Imogen's Garden said...

cute!! (and, I agree with Kristi, you are amazingly kind...)

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